Blue Sky Photography



 My name is Beverley Evans and I run Blue Sky Photography.  I have been photographing the world since

 I was just 10 years old when I used a little Kodak Instamatic.  I have been through a few cameras since

 then and have photographed weddings, parties, special occasions, babies, families, couples, pets,

 wildlife, nature, architecture and sporting events. Have a look at my portfolio to see a small selection of

 the work I have done.


 I can help you out in all areas of photography but specialise in the following -


  - Family portraits especially babies and young children

  - Engagement and special occasions

  - Birthday photo shoots for teenagers

  - Nature/Wildlife


 I also design websites such as this one for small business, independant retailers and home sellers. Want some

 help to get your own website up and running? Give me a call.